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Top Contractors Share The 10 Traits all Successful Contractors Must Have


We’ve heard the grim statistics in survey after survey — the labor shortage has 70% of contractors missing deadlines and it simply isn’t letting up. The industry is bogged down in constraints even at the peak of its economic cycle, but fixating on this is discouraging to companies targeting continuous growth and improvement.

Without minimizing present pain points, Dennis Engelbrecht, a senior consultant at The Family Business Institute, part of The Travelers Cos. family, framed his recommendations at the Associated General Contractors of America’s convention this week in a much more positive light by setting out the top 10 reasons contractors achieve success and can continue to do so. These were the characteristics that the institute’s top rung of clients, marked by growth and profitability, had in common, according to the business management consulting firm.

1. Servant leadership

An effective leader likely attained that position because of innate talent and drive, but once at the top, he doesn’t settle in his ways. “There’s always more to learn,” said Engelbrecht, “and as soon as you think you’ve got it all, it probably means your ego is leading more than it should be.”

That drive can also be channeled to move an organization forward in a spirit of service to employees, not self-interest, he suggested and oriented in a way that meets the needs of …Read full article here.