Governor Ever’s Plan to Re-Open the Economy – AGC-GM

Governor Ever’s Plan to Re-Open the Economy


A Message from AGC-GM Chief Executive Officer Mike Fabishak:

AGC Members,

For your information, I have attached Emergency Order #31 and to various documents regarding Governor Ever’s recent three-phase plan to re-open the state’s economy. Much of his plan anticipates a gradual re-opening based on a continued reduction in coronavirus cases over a two-week time period. Additionally, similar to many other states in the country, there will be a substantial increase in testing (12,000 daily) so as to identify any individual who display the virus’s symptoms. That will then be followed up with contact tracing and tracking for any individual who can transmit the virus to make sure they are not doing so.

Again, I would like to remind you to be extremely vigilant in observing the various coronavirus safety protocols we have emailed to you, as well as placed on our AGC-GM website over the past 5 weeks. Unlike many other industries, we were allowed to continue working through this pandemic, so therefore, we must continue to be very watchful to protect the health and wellbeing our the individuals in our industry.

Thank you and stay healthy,

Mike Fabishak