AGC-GM Workforce Development Initiatives & Programs 2018 – AGC-GM

AGC-GM Workforce Development Initiatives & Programs 2018


Given the vital importance of developing our future workforce, we are providing the following report on AGC’s workforce development activities. It highlights our involvement, leadership and effort in addressing the critical need for new workers in the construction industry. With the lack of availability of employable candidates reaching record levels, AGC and the construction industry will need to develop creative means to compete against other industries in attracting talent to our contractors.

Below are some of the programs we are actively engaged with:

Serving as Co-Chair of this construction workforce development organization, AGC has worked for over two decades to guide their mission in assisting AGC contractors throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Additionally, earlier this year, AGC led an initiative that directed WRTP/BIG STEP to open a satellite training facility in Racine to assist contractors with their workforce development needs surrounding the mega Foxconn Project. This new WRTP/BIG STEP facility located at the Gateway Technical College is preparing individuals for careers in construction. They are also working closely with the AGC Safety Staff in providing required training in various areas of OSHA safety.

2. Employ Milwaukee—Construction Advisory Board
Employ Milwaukee is the principal workforce development agency for Milwaukee County. AGC has participated on its Board of Directors for the past ten years, and Chairs its Construction Advisory Board. As the major public workforce development agency in southeastern Wisconsin, Employ Milwaukee receives over $20 million dollars annually from various state and federal government entities as well as private foundations. AGC’s active participation assures that the necessary amount of attention and funding is directed toward construction workforce development and the needs and interests of the area’s building industry are being met.

3. Construction Labor Management Council (CLMC)—Workforce Development Committee
As a result of the development of a new strategic plan in March 2018, the CLMC is working to become more relevant in relation to developing a more aggressive approach to workforce development. As such, they have created two standing committees: the Workforce Development Committee and the Industry Marketing Committee, both of which are principally dedicated to recruiting more individuals into the industry. The Industry Marketing Committee is currently working to identify a skilled communication/marketing firm that has worked in the construction area and can provide new strategies and experience in social media marketing. As for the Workforce Development Committee, AGC is working with the CLMC and the WRTP/BIG STEP to develop a coordinated approach to youth apprenticeship programs and identify under-employed individuals who could transition to successful careers in construction.

4. Wisconsin Workforce Development Association—Talent Development Council
Because of our lengthy involvement in workforce development, AGC was recently invited to participate on this new Council which was newly formed in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to educate, inform and align efforts on workforce development. The purpose of this organization is to:

Identify talent requirements/needs by sector, skills and occupation
Identify existing talent development pipelines in progress
Educate public policy makers on workforce development needs and proposals

5. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction—Career Pathways Program
This organization has asked the AGC to participate in developing strategies and practices that help students get the education and credentials necessary for life after high school. Their goal is to work with organizations like AGC to increase the number of students that complete career pathways tied to high-skill, high demand jobs (construction), and transform the way career pathways programs are designed so high school students are ready for careers after graduation.

6. Union/Joint Apprenticeship Training Programs (JATCs)
The AGC through its Union Labor Relations program and Labor Relations staff has been working closely with various Union leaders to step up their activity in workforce recruitment. Workforce development has been a constant topic in the individual craft labor/management councils. Additionally, with AGC representatives sitting on Joint Apprenticeship Training Programs, we are working to strengthen the knowledge and capabilities of apprentices to help assure that you are getting the most knowledgeable and productive individuals for your future field staff.