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Labor Relations

Labor Relations

AGC’s Labor Relations Department has a proud history as the leader in the Union construction industry negotiating with the basic trades. For nearly 100 years, the AGC has negotiated strong, multi-faceted Labor Agreements with the basic trades, including the Bricklayers, Local 8; Cement Masons, Local 599, Area 558; Commercial Carpenters; Ironworkers, Local 8; Laborers, Local 113; and the Operating Engineers, Local 139. The AGC represents the largest multi-employer bargaining unit in the region, consisting of hundreds of union contractors, which produces millions of man-hours per year.

The strength and relevance of our collective bargaining agreements and labor relations activity is driven by our trusted relationships with union contractors and leadership on the many union trust funds. The area covered by the AGC of Greater Milwaukee Labor Relations Department consists of the Six-County, Milwaukee Metro region, which includes Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, Kenosha and Racine Counties.

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To become an Affiliated Contractor, download our Collective Bargaining Authorization Form, or contact us at or (414) 778-4100.

The legal landscape of running a business is constantly changing. At AGC, we aim to be at the forefront of these changes and understand the importance of keeping you up to date on legal trends and issues to help you navigate the vast and complicated world of construction law compliance.

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Legal Hotline

AGC-GM offers a unique member legal service exclusively for our Corporate Members. Corporate Members can contact our in-house legal counsel at no cost to get answers to construction related legal questions. Topics may include, but are not limited to contractual language, compliance, regulatory, labor, employment, and certification. Feel free to contact Mark Kessenich directly at or (414) 552-0001.  All questions will have a response within 72 hours.

Legal Corner

The AGC has compiled written resources to provide its members with guidance to navigate changes in the law. Areas include Sales & Use Tax Exemptions, Prevailing Wage, and Right to Work.

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Other Resources

AGC of Greater Milwaukee Members have access to the AGC of America’s incomparable menu of products, programs and services, including legal and legislative news, advocacy, and discounts on industry standard contract documents, ConsensusDocs.

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