Start your AGC-GM Membership!

General Contractor Members: firms or corporations who are general contractors, who undertake work as a prime contractor on construction projects (commercial or governmental) with overall responsibility for the completion of such projects.

$800 Annual Dues plus Quarterly Volume Dues

GC Quarterly Volume Dues = .003 x dollar volume of work subcontracted and/or materials purchased, not including mechanical and/or electrical work (max. of $20,000 per year, includes AGC of America dues)

Construction Management Members: firms or corporations who undertake substantial volumes and percentages of its work as a construction manager.

$800 Annual Dues plus Quarterly Volume Dues

CM Quarterly Volume Dues = $.0003 per $1,000,000 worth of work-in-place managed (quarterly).

Visiting Members: firms or corporations who are general contractors or construction managers and are currently a member of another AGC chapter.  After three-years, the membership transfers to AGC General Contractor Membership.

$800 Annual Dues plus Quarterly Volume Dues

Visiting Quarterly Volume Dues = $1,000 per quarter

Associate Membership: subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers providing skill and service to the construction industry.

$700 per year

(prorated, join in April to June $500 or July to September $400)

All memberships come up for renewal in January.

Membership costs include dues for AGC of America.  AGC of Greater Milwaukee will pay these dues on your behalf.