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AGC Board of Directors

President’s Message

There’s no question the construction industry is rapidly evolving. Those of us who’ve been in this business for some time can see the changes. Our systems, tools and equipment – and our ability to use them – keep getting better every year. Advanced modeling technologies help us visualize, plan and execute projects faster, safer and with more reliability. Lean construction concepts challenge us to think “outside the box.” And there seems to be growing recognition that collaboration rather than posturing leads to better, more satisfying project outcomes.

AGC of Greater Milwaukee will be more relevant than ever during this time of change. As the unifying organization for the local construction community, the AGC-GM provides programs and resources to its membership in the areas of safety, education, and labor relations. These will continue to be central elements of what we do in 2020. But other core aspects of our association will be increasingly important in the years to come:

Workforce Development

It’s a fact that tomorrow’s construction workforce will look different than it does today. To maintain and build capacity, we have to cast a wider net and bring more people into the industry. That means deliberately reaching out to a broader, more diverse group of people for talent and resources. It also means employing more apprentices on our jobs so they can develop the craft skills our projects demand. The AGC-GM has been a pioneer in creating pathways for people to enter the industry through programs like WRTP Big Step and the Construction Labor Management Council. While these programs help connect people to opportunities, it’s up to us as individual employers to proactively hire non-traditional employees and give young people the chance to prove themselves on our projects.

Public Policy

While the AGC-GM represents the interests of its membership it should also serve as the go-to voice of the construction industry. We need to be advocates for industry best practices that make the building process more efficient and less wasteful. Collaborative project delivery approaches such as design-build and CM-at-risk should be options for public sector projects as they are in other states and governmental jurisdictions. And we need to speak out against legislative initiatives driven by politics and misinformation rather than a clear understanding of how the construction industry operates.

Professional Development and Relationship Building

Our Construction Leadership Council is one of the most active chapters in the country. This group helps grow and develop our next generation of construction professionals. More importantly, however, the CLC is about relationship building, and relationships are, and will remain, central to how our industry operates. While our member firms are often fierce competitors in the pursuit of projects, we all share a common passion for building. It’s our interpersonal relationships, and leveraging what unites us, that allows us to cooperatively solve problems and overcome building challenges.

2020 will also be a year of change for the AGC-GM organization. After 21 years of dedicated, thoughtful leadership, Mike Fabishak is retiring as AGC-GM’s President and CEO. We thank Mike for his commitment to the AGC-GM and for the positive impact he’s made on the construction industry in southeastern Wisconsin. While it will be difficult to replace Mike’s knowledge, skill and experience, we hope to have a new President/CEO on-board by mid-spring of this year.

We’re also exploring ways to make the AGC-GM a more efficient organization. By collaborating with the AGC of Wisconsin in the areas of legal services and labor relations we can eliminate service redundancies and strengthen our position in labor contract negotiations. We expect these efforts will be beneficial to both AGC chapters.

I’m honored to serve as your 2020 AGC-GM president. I look forward to working with the talented AGC-GM staff and our dedicated board members this year to advance the interests of the commercial construction industry.


Mike Abuls
CG Schmidt, Inc.
2020 AGC-GM President


2021 Board of Directors

AGC Past President
Mike Abuls
CG Schmidt, Inc.

AGC President
Mike Stern
Findorff & Son

AGC Senior Vice President
Matt Tadisch
Selzer-Ornst Co.

AGC Secretary/Treasurer
Scott Heberlein
Mortenson Construction

National AGC Director
Kevin O’Toole
Hunzinger Construction

AGC Education & Research Foundation Chairman
Rupert Kotze
Kotze Construction Co., Inc.

AGC Labor Policy Chair
Tim Just
Just Construction Consulting

AGC Director
Shannon Metoxen
J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.

AGC Associate Director
Kimberly Wacker

AGC Associate Director
Jose Sanchez
Sanchez Painting Contractors

2021 AGC Construction Leadership Council Chairman
Christina Sladky
Hunzinger Construction