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Build Safe Milwaukee

The AGC of Greater Milwaukee has developed a new and exciting Agreement that is available to all Member firms to participate in. Contractors signing on to our popular Build Safe Milwaukee program are committed to working in partnership to implement activities aimed at significantly improving the Milwaukee construction industry’s safety performance to the benefit of construction workers, the general public, all construction stakeholders, and the City of Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. 

The signatories to this Program believe that the initiatives contained herein can make a major contribution to raising the standard of safety within the industry and reduce the pain and suffering of workers along with the economic and social cost of workplace injury and illness.

The parties recognize that the Milwaukee Construction Industry is making a significant and positive contribution to the growth of the City’s economy and in attracting investment in Milwaukee.  In the same vein, signatory companies believe that acting with a common purpose, and with the support of construction stakeholders, the industry can and should be at the forefront of strategies to improve construction safety.

It is not intended that this is a binding document but rather a statement of the signatories’ understanding and public commitment to achieving excellence in occupational safety and health performance within the construction industry in Milwaukee.

Our Mission:

  • Provide a safe workplace in order to send all workers home injury free every day.
  • Eliminate all public exposure to hazards arising out of construction operations.
  • In providing a safe workplace, encourage employment in the Milwaukee construction industry.
  • Advance the image of the Milwaukee construction industry as a leader in health and safety.
  • Set an example of construction safety excellence for other cities around the country and the world.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that working and living incident and injury free is a choice and a basic human right.
  • The leaders in our industry will be those who succeed in the transformation toward making an incident and injury free environment a reality.

We Will:

  • As companies, be empowered to lead in making this vision real
  • Proactively work with all stakeholders including owners, designers, contractors and skilled trade’s organizations in Milwaukee to make this vision a reality.

We Recognize:

  • That this vision is achievable if we are committed.

This commitment to an incident and injury free environment requires taking a personal stand, great courage and trust.

If you would like further information about this exciting new program created by the AGC of Greater Milwaukee, contact Dan Burazin at or call him at 414-778-4100.

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