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AGC Legislative

National AGC Legislation is a product of the legislative activity of the AGC of America. The AGC of America employs an arsenal of professional lobbyists serving the interests of the commercial construction industry on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Covering legislative and regulatory activity, the AGC of America aggressively protects the vital interests of the commercial construction industry. Their goal is to have more sensible regulations by developing and promoting effective legislation that saves our contractors time and money.

AGC Legislative


AGC's Top Policy Positions for the 114th Congress

AGC of America’s Legislative Positions for 114th U.S. Congress

With every new Congress, the AGC of America Board of Directors develops its legislative and regulatory wish-list. It is no different with the 114th Congress which will cover the 2015 and 2016 legislative biennium.

The following list was recently developed by the AGC Legislative Action Committee. This priority listing is prioritized on the basis of the Impact to the Industry, Timeliness and Achievability. For more information, contact Mike Fabishak, AGC at or 414-778-4100.

AGC's Top Policy Positions list

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