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Legal Resources

Through an on-staff attorney, the AGC of Greater Milwaukee provides legal services to the association's multi-employer collective bargaining unit, as well as to association members.  

Labor Relations

The AGC of Greater Milwaukee multi-employer bargaining unit negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements with six basic trades, and manages related fringe benefit funds with the support of the General Counsel. To best serve our members, the association maintains relationships with the signatory labor unions, interprets contract language, and assists in mediating jurisdictional and labor-management issues and grievances.

Legal Services

Legal Review

Beginning in 2016, AGC of Greater Milwaukee Corporate Members will be able to contact the association's General Counsel with questions regarding contracts, liens, employment and labor law, public bidding, insurance, and any other legal issues which arise in the course of business. This is an AGC informational service, and is not intended to constitute legal advice or representation. General Counsel may be contacted directly at or (414) 778-4104.

Legal Updates and Resources

AGC of Greater Milwaukee, through General Counsel, provides legal updates to help members stay up-to-date on legal issues affecting the construction industry. Click here to automatically receive legal updates by E-mail.

Legal Seminars

AGC of Greater Milwaukee is proud to offer legal seminars to help our members stay compliant with ever changing laws and government regulations. The association’s General Counsel provides periodic legal seminars at its local office at 1243 N. 10th Street in Milwaukee. Seminars are brief, generally lasting no more than one hour. Seminars are designed to educate attendees on recent changes, while facilitating interactive discussions regarding the practical effects of these changes. Members are encouraged to provide questions in advance to help tailor the discussions to fit their needs.

Members are encouraged to recommend seminar topics, and may find the attached Legal Programing Survey useful in evaluating which topics are of most value.  

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Rent a safety inspector
Bring in an AGC safety expert as your personal safety director at a fraction of the price of a full-time employee!