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Reasons to Join
Great reasons to become a member of AGC
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News You Can Use

2013 AGC of America Annual Report now available

Every year in April the AGC of America delivers its annual report to all AGC Chapters. This report gives all AGC members an opportunity to look back on all the accomplishments over the past year.

AGC Alternative Set to Launch in July

The AGC of America is preparing to launch the AGC Alternative in July.  The AGC Alternative is a private health insurance exchange that AGC of Greater Milwaukee Members can use to control health insurance and benefit expenses, reduce its administrative burden, comply with new federal regulations and give employees greater flexibility and choice.

AGC of Greater Milwaukee E-NEWS

Electronically distributed bi-monthly to all AGC of Greater Milwaukee Members, the E-NEWS provides a valuable source of topical information on subjects ranging from recent building development announcements, State of Wisconsin regulatory changes, future AGC management education and safety training opportunities and other valuable information.

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Rent a Safety Inspector

Rent a safety inspector
Bring in an AGC safety expert as your personal safety director at a fraction of the price of a full-time employee!